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Be Joyful human being and let power of music connect you with world

Helping Community

Why We Started this Project ?

It may sound corny but a public painted piano is honest and real. You have to see one in action to feel it. Its powerful and creates, Joy, connection, inspiration, love, music, friendship, hummor, vulnerability, beauty, art, passions and dreams.

  • Uplift Power of Music
  • Bringing People Together
  • Support music community and artists.


Keys Strokes

Love of Music

Why Sean Started?

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Have fun today

We're making people love the music and feel the melody

  • Playing Piano

    Hundreds of people have already played the piano and felt the love of music

  • Painting Piano

    Artists among our communities have painted this pianos all over British Columbia.

Asked Quesitons

We Need you to have FUN!!

How can I get Piano

Do I have to Pay to play Piano

No, ................

How can I donate a Piano

To donate a Piano ...........

  • Let’s Give our community some joy!!

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City Partners

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We invite you to join our movement of bringing music to the streets and creating meaningful connections through our street pianos.

About Us

We are passionate about bringing the joy of music to the streets and communities through our unique street pianos. Our mission is to create beautifully designed, high-quality pianos that are placed in public spaces, inviting random passersby to stop, play, and enjoy the magic of music.


11 East Broadway Vancouver, BC


With enthusiastic employees and volunteers, we are ready to support you no matter any time.